Accent Reduction, Speech and Communication Skills Coaching


In today's team oriented workplace, the ability to communicate as effectively as possible is essential. Our training programs are designed to meet the needs of organizations and individuals seeking to optimize their public speaking and presentation skills through the use of clear, confident English.

You want to ensure that the way you speak is not holding you back. You want to feel on a level playing field with your co-workers. You want people to listen to what you have to say. You want to feel energized and confident!

  • Friendly, expert, personalized training

  • Sensitivity to cultural differences

  • Flexible scheduling; onsite and online training 

  • Certified COMPTON P-ESL trainer 

  • Industry-specific executive coaching

Why work on your accent?

The coaching is designed for professionals with a high degree of fluency in English, but with native language speech patterns that make it difficult for others to understand them.

Elizabeth helps her clients quickly learn to build new and correct muscle memory, increasing the clarity, confidence and ease of their speech. Each lesson is fun and specific: designed for your individual needs and goals.

My method

There are certain patterns and positions that are necessary in order for English to sound natural and fluent. If you learned English as an adult, your voice is probably trying to adjust itself back to sounding like your native language (without you realizing it).

If you learned English as a second language, your voice is probably trying to adjust itself back to sounding like your native language.

I will show you how to make the correct sounds and patterns for standard American English, and will then teach you to practice these new skills in creative, effective ways until they become habitual. You will soon see how fun and empowering working on your voice can be!

Contact us today to set up a training program tailored to your specific needs.

I improved my English skills and enjoyed every single minute of it. Elizabeth was very patient and listened to my needs. She is indeed one of the finest teachers that I have ever met.
— John Cheung, Los Angeles World Airports