“The result of the training is that change was noticed in my corporate meetings...and I am now able to take client calls and have conversations from India with my US counterparts with much more confidence. They don't have to ask me to repeat any more, and I got my long awaited promotion to “Vice President” this January. Thank you very much for bringing that change in me.”

Sandeep Kapoor, Aptara, Inc.

“Elizabeth is intelligent, knowledgeable, and creative. I recommend her to any non-native English speakers who have the ambition to reduce their English accent and improve their communication skills.  You will definitely learn more than that.”

Marty Yu, CFA & CPA, Beijing, China

“She made every session fun and creative. She could discover my core problems and was so talented in explaining and helping me to overcome my pronunciation problems within a short period of time. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks a professional and effective English speaking coach who can deliver exceptional results.”

Jarumon Sajjachaiyanont, Senior Product Manager, Green Dot Corporation”

"Elizabeth's inborn linguistic and analytical talent and years of experience take speech and communication training to a different level. She is very knowledgeable about the mistake patterns of Koreans speakers and many other Asian language speakers. Her teaching methods are both profound and practical, therefore, both highly effective and fun. I can't believe how much and fast my Korean accent in English was reduced in just a few lessons with Elizabeth."    

David Kim, graduate student, Los Angeles

"Her unique way of listening allows her to pinpoint the student’s difficulty, and through clear and precise guidance, help them fix it. Her methodology is very pleasant and supportive, leading to quick results.” 

Orly Arava, New Life Perspective, Los Angeles

"She always inspired and encouraged me to find pleasures in learning English."

Takeshi Naito, Nissan Chemical Corp.

“Lessons with Elizabeth tremendously improved my knowledge of English and strongly diminished my native Russian accent. She is a great teacher who did a marvelous job! She really cares about her students and goes an extra mile to help them with their language problems. I highly recommend you to make use of her exceptional abilities to teach!”

Alexander Rakitin, Senior Software Engineer, Oracle Corporation

“I've noticed an improvement in my speech, and it seems to me that the biggest part of it is confidence. People ask me to repeat my words not as often as before, and overall they talk less about my origin - I consider it a success!

 Thank you for incredibly informative and also very enjoyable sessions!"

Dr. Polina Tregubenko, MD

“Her teaching always inspired in me the confidence that I could speak clearly and correctly. Before taking her lessons, I was always confused about how to speak fluently, but after taking several lessons I figured out the rhythm and stress in English in a very natural way. I also liked her big warm-hearted smile, it gave me confidence and made me very comfortable.”

Nayoen Park, Artist, Seoul, Korea

"Elizabeth understands effective communication. Through her coaching efforts, and personal interest in everyone that she works with, she has encouraged the staff to do and be the very best that they can. I recommend Elizabeth for both personal and group communication skills coaching.”

Tim McDonald, Vice President of Human Resources, MATT Construction

"Working with her makes me love to speak more English because I can easily feel my progress. Moreover, she is so positive and fun that I always leave the class with smile. It's a positive cycle! If I see my growth, I'll like to speak more. The more I practice, the faster I improve. I feel I was so lucky to meet her among many choices around Pasadena."

Che-Chin Y., South Pasadena, CA

“In addition to her overall knowledge, Elizabeth also brings many other desirable qualities to the table.  She is very motivated to help people and has a great sense of humor, making you feel comfortable throughout the process.”

Wolney Feirrera, Sr. Project Engineer, MATT Construction

“I work for a small software company and have to talk to customers sometimes. Being Japanese, my English was pretty "flat", with very little intonation, very boring and tiring to listen to for native speakers. That's one of the areas that I have been working on with Elizabeth. I have gained a lot more confidence when I have conference calls after working with her."

Hideaki Suzuki, Senior Consultant, Solver, Inc.

“I loved Elizabeth’s laughter, I loved the time we had together... finally I understood that I can enjoy speaking a different language.”

Ralf Giesen, Berlin, Germany

“Anirudh's presentation and delivery skills have improved tremendously over just 6 classes.  It's obviously resulted in greater confidence and now his jokes actually make sense.”

Sam Ragsdale, Project Manager, MATT Construction

"It's not only her great knowledge of linguistic and phonetic rules but also her unique approach and ability in making these rules easy for each student to understand. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the way he/she speaks in the most simple and entertaining way."

Fannie T., ESL teacher, Greece

“Elizabeth's accent reduction methods really work! After just a few classes, her students significantly expanded their vocabulary, exhibited much improved pronunciation, and became conscious of using proper volume and grammar. Her work ethic, experience, and ability to guide while bringing out the best in her students make her a very special person and an excellent teacher.” 

Marina Demirchyan,Vice President, D & D  Marketing